Hi Aspiring Dancers

We are really excited to tell you about dance classes that will be coming locally to you.

Dance Workshops in Watford will be starting off in January 2017.

If you have ever wanted to attend a dance class near you run by leading dance choreographers but didn’t know where to go or couldn’t afford it – maybe you should give dance workshops a try.

Or maybe you didn’t want the hassle of going too far, because let’s face it, many leading dance classes are run in Central London and this does not always fit in, especially as they are often run in the evenings or after school.

Dance Workshops Watford have brought this fantastic opportunity to local dancers.

If you have ever wanted to learn to dance from leading dance teachers and choreographers, then this may just be what you are looking for.

Dance Workshops Watford will be kicking off in 2017, with our first dance class.

What can you expect at one of our Dance Class Workshops?

  • Classes are an hour and thirty minutes of high, impact dance taught by leading guest teachers and choreographers.
  • The chance to learn a range of dance styles from commercial dance, contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop and more.
  • High energy, fun, dance classes for intermediate and advanced dancers
  • Affordably priced and great value for the dance training you will receive
  • Our dance workshops will extend your current dance skills and are not meant to replace your regular dance class.
  • All dance workshops will include a warm-up and a chance to learn some super choreography!
  • Dancers will all have the option to dance in small groups at the end of the dance class giving them the chance to film themselves dancing the routine.

Dance Workshops Watford will mean you can go to a local venue to dance and extend your dance skills.

Drop in and try a dance workshop – please book in advance though, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed as spaces are limited

Book Your Place today – Make sure you don’t miss the first Dance Workshops Watford.