Why I Started Dance Workshops 

As a dancer myself, I found that the chance to take extra dance classes with top industry professionals on a non-commitment basis was missing.

I had to travel into Central London to try new dance classes and dance training in order to gain experience with leading choreographers. It was an exciting part of my dance training because I learnt so much and all the time I was developing my dance skills.  

I wanted other young dancers to have the same opportunity without having to travel into Central London.

That’s when I thought why not bring the choreographers to us instead – and that’s what I did!

So here we are today with Dance Workshops UK, with the launch of our first area in Watford in January 2017.

I plan to open this in other areas, let me know if you would like Dance Workshops to run in your area. 

I hope you enjoy

Ciara x

Our Story – What is the aim of Dance Workshops UK?


Unique Dance Opportunity

Dance Workshops UK, was set up to offer a unique dance opportunity to dancers in the local area to expand their dance training by learning from a range of guest Dancers and Choreographers.

Our invited guest teachers have had extensive dance training and a long list of credits to their name


Affordable Dance Skill Training

We wanted to bring affordable dance skill training to local venues so it was more accessible.

The cost of a 60 minute class in Central London is about £8-10. There is often a daily membership fee of  £2-4. Then add in your travel costs  £10-15.You would need to budget £20 -28 just to attend a dance workshop in Central London.



High Level Training Locally

Dance Workshops UK takes away the hassle and time it takes to travel into Central London by bringing high quality dance training local.

If you are a younger dancer still at school, then travelling into Central London often later in the evening and on a school night may not be so convenient anyway !!


Wide Range of Experienced Guest Teachers

Guest Choreographers have experience working on television shows such as  X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, MTV/EMA Awards, some have worked with major stars such as Pixie Lott, Little Mix and Cheryl Cole and performed in West End musicals such as In The Heights, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wicked and many more!!